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Beginner to intermediate violin, viola or cello outfits, sold with case and bow:




Violins and violas for the advancing player:

Y. Chen Z-Series

Y. Chen Maker's Series

Salvatore Callegari​

Camillo Callegari

Eugen Meinel, Markneukirchen c. 1920

Oskar Meinel

Robert Glier Jr. Artist, Cincinnati 1927

William Peters, Worcester 1889

John Juzek, Master Art c. 1925

Violins for the professional:

Nicolas Gilles, Montpellier 2010 

Mark Langdale Hough "Gold Label" 2011 
Todd Goldenberg, North Berwick 2012 
Stefan Lindholm, 2016 
Raymond Schryer, Hilton Beach 1998 
Damon Gray, Cincinnati 2014 
Pio Montanari, Genova 2006 
Alkis Rappas Studio Series, 2005

Eugene Holtier, 2012
Timothy Jansma, 1989
Andrea Castellani, Cremona, 2004 
David Swanson, Raleigh, 2006 
Raymond Melanson, 2012 
Sebastian Freymadl, Cremona, 2004
Tetsuo Matsuda, Barrington, 2011 
Vittorio Villa, Cremona, 2005 

VIOLAS for the professional:

Nicolas Gilles, Montpelier 2015

Yuri Gusev, Cleveland, 2017

CELLOS for the advancing player:

Y. Chen Z Series

Harold Briggs, Globe AZ 1966

John Juzek c. 1956

Clement & Weise, Bubenruth  2007

Arnold Opel, Munich 1953

CELLOS for the professional:

Y. Chen Makers' Series

Yunhai Xu

Yuri Gusev, Cleveland 2017

Eugene Holtier, 2010

Martin Heroux, Ste. Emelie de L'energie 2005

August Olshevy, Chicago 1983

Dan Foster, Blacksburg 2012


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